Which SSSC Strain Is Best for Me?

Which SSSC Strain Is Best for Me?

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The Cannabis industry is now bigger than ever and with more breeders and seed banks popping up, it can be hard to know which Cannabis seeds are best for you. Before you go ahead and pick the strain you will grow, there are a few variables to consider such as your skill level, experience, time frame and many others. In this article, we break down which SSSC strain is best for you based on your criteria as a beginner grower.

Fast Flowering Plants
If you are conscious of high electricity bills and want only quick flowering plants, then the list below will be best. These strains only need 9 weeks maximum and less time in some cases.
1. Strawberry Cookies feminized Cannabis seeds:
She is a cross of Strawberry Cough F1 with Thin Mint Cookies. One of the quickest strains we offer with harvest dates ranging from 6.5-7 weeks, with others requiring 8-9 weeks of 12/12.

2. Lava Freeze feminized Cannabis seeds:
A cross of Friesland Indica with Lava Cake, and will take 56 days before she is
ready to harvest and grows short and stocky.

3. Purple Punch OG feminized Cannabis seeds:
Purple Punch OG is a large yielding and fast finishing variety, which is a cross of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. 8 weeks

Beginner Level Strains
For those who are starting out as an indoor grower and want only the easiest to grow plants that require minimal maintenance, then our beginner level strains are recommended. These plants are ideal for first time growers and will produce excellent results.
1. Kosher Haze feminized cannabis seeds:
Created by crossing Karel’s Haze and Kosher Kush, the result is a plant that is an easy to grow, indica dominant plant with a fast turn around time of 8-9 weeks.

2. Black Lebanon feminized cannabis seeds:
An indica dominant plant that has huge yielding potential. The ideal beginner strain and perfect for short sized indoor space.

3. Bruces lemon Diesel feminized cannabis seeds:
A knockout artist who was made after crossing Lemon OG with Bruce Banner.
Another big yielder that requires little maintenance.

Long Flowering Sativas
If you are not concerned about a deadline, electricity bills and are well versed with long flowering and challenging sativas, then any of these strains will be right up your street.

1. Prima Hollandica regular Cannabis seeds:
Be prepared for a flowering period of 84-100 days with this old school gem!
Enormous yields and an electrifying effect.

2. Kees Old School Haze regular Cannabis seeds:
The holy grail of sativa Cannabis plants and our flagship strain, that represents the true Amsterdam old school Haze with a flowering time of up to 91 days.

3. Creeper regular Cannabis seeds:
A cross of Secret Super Sativa and Crockett’s Haze, with a flowering time of 10-11
weeks, making her a great start out point.

The Biggest Yields Possible
Maybe your goal is to grow as much bud as possible for your own personal head stash, then big yielding genetics will give you the best head start.

1. Bruce lemon Diesel feminized Cannabis seeds:
 A very large yielding plant, that when combined with plant training can become extremely rewarding.

2. Kosher Haze feminized Cannabis seeds:
She offers the best of Kush and Haze genetics and will also produce very large
sized yields in a short time frame.

3. Karel’s Haze regular Cannabis seeds:
A fast flowering, indica dominant hybrid that was made by crossing Old School Haze with Chemdawg Fire OG. Expect abundant harvests of high grade medicine.

Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Autos work amazingly well when planted indoors and outdoors. Those who experience a hot climate can grow autoflowering cannabis seeds all year long in some cases. Our easiest to grow autos are below.

1. Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel Cannabis seeds:
Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel is an autoflowering version of our most productive and tastiest strains. Seed to harvest will take 77 days and plants will grow as tall as 75-100 cm.

2. Auto Sweet Bourbon Kush Cannabis seeds:
An autoflowering strain made especially for Kush lovers. A cross of Los Angeles
Kush and a European auto Kush, which requires 70 days from seed until harvest.

3. Auto Northern Dragon Fuel Cannabis seeds:
She is our old school autoflowering variety made from Afghani, Northern Lights and SSSC autoflowering lineage. An easy to grow auto that takes 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest.

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