How To Grow The Biggest Buds Indoors

How To Grow The Biggest Buds Indoors

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For many home growers, their indoor crop will be their personal smoke, usually until the next crop is around the corner. With rising electricity prices and tough times ahead, growing as much top shelf bud as possible should be your main priority. In this article, we explain 10 factors to consider helping you hit new record yields. We cover Cannabis boosters, large yielding feminized Cannabis seeds, lighting, CO2 and much more.

Big Yielding Genetics
Large yielding feminized Cannabis seeds can often give you an advantage when your goal is to produce commercial level harvests. Starting with the most productive plants possible, will allow you to knock out huge harvests of fat buds, on the basis that your lighting and air flow is dialled in.
We strongly recommend in feminized form Bruce Lemon Diesel, Black Lebanon and Kosher Haze, in regular sex form we recommend Karel’s Haze and Creamy Kees. If you prefer to grow with autoflowering genetics then we suggest Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel, Sweet Bourbon Auto Kush, Auto Elephant and Auto Northern Dragon Fuel.

Nutrients and Boosters
If you are new to growing Cannabis, you may have heard about nutrients and boosters, but never quite understood what they meant. A booster product will be designed specifically for the flowering period, with the intention to increase the size and weight of the buds.
Boosters will typically be high in Phosphorus and Potassium, such as PK 13-14 or any high ratio fertilizer, and should be used according to the nutrient feed chart provided by the brand.

Plant Training
Not all cultivars react the same way to plant training, however applying the right techniques at the right time can significantly increase the growth structure, canopy size and ultimately an increase in yield.

There are many different plant training techniques that can be applied to large yielding feminized Cannabis seeds, such as low stress technique (LST), topping or pinching, fimming, pruning, training through a screen (SCROG) and the most stressful being super cropping.

Try Fabric Pots
Fabric Pots will allow the roots of the Cannabis plants to grow freely, without the concern of root bound plants. You may have noticed, when using conventional plastic pots, that the tap root eventually grows downwards in a spiral formation until it meets the bottom of the pots.
Fabric pots, on the other hand, do not restrict the root formation as with plastic pots, therefore encouraging a much more prolific root zone and increase in nutrient uptake and yield.

Intense Lighting Is Best
Large yielding feminized Cannabis seeds when combined with intense lighting, and the right environment set up, can make a huge difference in terms of production. It is best to avoid low powered lighting that provides the plant with low levels of photo active radiation (PAR). If using HPS, then work with ballasts which are 1000w for the best results.

When using LED, it is better to check with the manufacturer the PAR levels, as well as the PPFD levels. This will determine how many photons of light the plants will receive, so wattage is not as relevant, which is why many indoor growers prefer to use LED lighting.

Supplementing with CO2
When pulling in fresh air from outside, the amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere is around 400 parts per million. Cannabis plants are able to easily use up to 1200-1500 parts per million when grown indoors. There needs to be a balance between intense lighting, CO2 and the relative temperature and humidity (VPD charts).

However once a grower can hit the sweet spot, then yields can be significantly increased and almost doubled in some cases. It is worth remembering that CO2 is a heavy gas that needs to fall down from the top of the canopy, and that plants do not use CO2 for the first 60 minutes after lights are on.

What About Bacteria and Fungi?
Did you know that in one tablespoon of soil, there are millions of beneficial microorganisms that have coexisted with the Earth for thousands of years? Inoculating your growing medium with endo-mycorrhizae fungi will allow the plants to form a symbiotic relation with the roots, allowing for an increase in nutrient uptake and availability.

Probiotic bacteria is responsible for accelerating the decomposition process of compost and humic acids. Adding these to your indoor garden as a top dressing or aerated compost tea will increase yields and resistance to stress.

Pruning before 12/12
Large yielding feminized Cannabis seeds once flowering will be able to produce buds from top to bottom. Depending on how much light is able to penetrate the inner canopy, can determine if the lower buds will be less desirable and big as the top buds and once closer to the lights.

The easiest way to combat popcorn buds is to simply prune away all the foliage apart from the top 2-3 internodes. The old school name for this technique is called ‘lolly popping’ and allows a Cannabis plant to divert all of its energy into producing only top-heavy, consistent buds.

Support the Plants Early
There can be a point during flowering where the side branches of a Cannabis plant may begin to topple to one size. When this happens, it is not long before all the other side branches begin to do the same, which can lead to problems with air flow, buds touching other plants and the risk of mold or powdery mildew forming.

Supporting the plants either using yo-yo hanging devices, string, or adding bamboo canes around the sides of the pots and tying the branches. By supporting large yielding feminized Cannabis seeds and monster sized plants, the maximum yield potential can be reached without the concern of loss of buds or infection from a pathogen.

Jumping To Hydroponics
Most growers will start their growing careers using organics and generally a soil set up, with a basic liquid fertilizer. It is only after seeing the success of hydroponic growers and the increase in yields that they make the switch to hydroponics.

There are also many other benefits to growing indoors with hydroponics such as short vegetative times and when working with large yielding feminized Cannabis seeds, the final harvest weight can increase 2-3 times in size depending on the cultivar.

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