How to grow the BEST buds by SSSC - Nr.1: OUTDOOR vs. INDOOR

How to grow the BEST buds by SSSC - Nr.1: OUTDOOR vs. INDOOR


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Hi, SSSC-Growers!

This blog starts our new series of articles on the topic of ‚How to grow the BEST buds‘. We from SSSC will try to give you an overview of all the important topics when it comes to growing the BEST bud in your individual growing situation.

Different growers have different expectations (e.g. big yield, high potency, special terpene profile etc.) and possibilities (e.g. indoor vs. outdoor, amount of space to grow, growing medium, budget etc.) and therefore sometimes need a different approach or growing-technique in order to achieve the best result.
We will touch on everything, starting with the basics (e.g. outdoor vs. indoor, room vs. tent, medium, ventilation, lights etc.) and later going into detail of special growing techniques (e.g. SOG, SCROG, Super-Cropping etc.) and explaining tricks we learned during our decades long growing experience.

Welcome to ‚  How to grow the BEST buds by SSSC - Nr.1: OUTDOOR vs. INDOOR‘

Growing Outdoors vs. Growing Indoors:
The very first basic question a grower has to ask himself, is wether to grow outdoors in the nature under the sun with changing weather or indoors under controlled conditions. There are advantages and disadvantages to both ways.

The main advantage to growing outdoors are the low costs involved, since you do not have to pay for electricity and equipment. The sun is your grow-light, she has the perfect spectrum for plants and her energy is for free. If your grow location gets enough rain, you also have free water for the plants.

The downside outdoors are the changing weather conditions and pests and animals. Cloudy skies or shade from trees can block the sun from the plants and prolonged periods of rain increase the chance of mold. There are also animals, which like to eat young plants or new branches of older ones (e.g. deer in the woods) and pests (e.g. insects) investing plants.

-    choosing the right genetics
-    location
-    soil
-    water
-    nutrients
-    pests and animals
-    safety

The big advantage of growing indoors are the controlled conditions under which the plants are growing. You can choose which grow lights you want to use (e.g. HPS vs. LED etc.) and how much light the plants get in every phase of the grow. The temperature and relative air humidity in the grow space can be controlled and its your choice how much water and nutrients you want to give. No animals can access your indoor location and pests can be easier kept out. This enables you to give your plants the perfect growing conditions, in order for them to make the BEST buds they can.

The downside of indoor growing are the costs involved with buying the grow-equipment and paying for water, nutrients and electricity in order to operate the grow.

-    choosing the right genetics
-    grow space
-    grow lights
-    grow medium
-    ventilation and filter
-    safety 

We hope we have gained your attention and you will follow our new SSSC-series on ‚How to grow the BEST buds‘, so it will help you to get the MAXIMUM out of your SSSC-seeds. Next time we will start to go into detail about the BASIC TOPICS of OUTDOOR GROWING.

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