How To Grow The Biggest Yielding Cannabis plants Indoors

How To Grow The Biggest Yielding Cannabis plants Indoors


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As an indoor grower, we always want to grow the best Cannabis plants possible, with the utmost quality, flavor and aroma. As a beginner grower, knowing all the different tricks and tips to produce massive yields can take years or trial and error, so in this article we cover all the different methods to grow the biggest yields indoors, to help you hit new records when it comes to harvesting.

8–10 weeks on 18/6
Outdoors, Cannabis plants are given months to grow into a bushy vegetative state, before given the opportunity to flower for another 2–3 months. One of the best ways to grow large sized, and highly productive plants is to let them grow under 18/6 for 8–10 weeks.

This method works particularly well if you are forced to work with a small plant count, or limited to space. Combined with plant training, and a large sized pot for the roots to really expand, the possibilities are endless.

Large yielding varieties
Working with varieties which are known for large yielding characteristics will be one of the easiest ways to take your crop to the next level. There is nothing worse than growing small sized plants such as Zkittles or Cookie hybrids and doing your best to make up the numbers.

We recommend working with strains that have hype around them as big producers. Hybrids will often produce the most productive plants, compared to indica dominant or sativa dominant, however you can still grow some very big sativa plants with enormous yields if you are patient enough!

Beneficial bacteria and fungi
Nature’s little helpers and one of the easiest ways to provide the root zone with probiotic bacteria and fungi. Mycorrhizal fungi harmoniously connect itself to the root hairs of the plant and becomes an extension to the root, allowing for an increase in nutrient uptake.

Trichoderma is also a network of fungi who keep the soil food web well protected from pathogens such as root rot and Pythium. Investing in a microbial inoculate such as Bactrex and Mycotrex from BIOtabs will certainly pay off in the long run and produce a supercharged growing medium capable of huge buds.

Screen of green (SCROG)
The SCROG method is an advanced way to systematically train Cannabis plants through a screen net. This process occurs over a 6-8 week time frame before being flowered through the screen. You will need to be very hands-on with your plants and implement plant training techniques such as topping, low stress technique, pruning and super cropping.

If you are a beginner grower, we recommend having a play with SCROG on a small scale, to learn the art of plant training. Not all cultivars are ideally suited for a Screen of Green set up, however sativa dominant hybrids, will often work best.

Use big pots

Big roots mean big fruits, so attempting to produce the biggest root zone possible will have a big effect on the final size of your mature plants. Small pots are perfect for growing in a Sea of Green, which requires lots of medium-sized plants grown closely together.

Using pots that are 25 liters and above will usually be the most rewarding, however will need enough vegetative time under 18/6, to be able to fill the pot in the first place. Once you find the sweet spot regarding timing, then you are well on your way to producing some 5-6 foot plants which will need staking and support.

Plant training techniques
You would be amazed at how plant training techniques can really transform a Cannabis plant. There are many different methods of training such as topping / pinching out, fimming, super cropping, tying down and pruning.

Each of these techniques are easy to perform and will increase the amount of foliage that will be present. When performed at the correct time and combined, these plant training techniques can really give a beginner grower a boost in the yield department.

Fabric pots for air pruned roots
Have you ever grown with fabric pots before? If not, then we strongly recommend you try using them, due to their ability to prune the roots. The way this works is, as the tips of the roots grow outwards to the edge of the pots, they will come into contact with the air and turn back on themselves.

Air pruned pots are an excellent way to improve yields indoors and also allow the roots to breathe. We advise trying a side by side experiment with plastic and fabric pots and growing the same clone, to see the benefits associated with air pots for yourself.

Bamboo canes for supporting
Once you get to the stage where you can flower your bushy monsters, you will want to be able to provide support for those soon to be heavy side branches. Once you hit week 6 or 7, the weight of the buds will cause the side branches to droop and in some cases hit the sides of the tent wall or the floor.

One of our favourite ways to grow the biggest yields indoors is with the help of bamboo canes. You will want to insert the canes around the edges of the pots inline with the side branches. Your plants will thank you for the extra support and allow them to focus on flowering and producing top shelf quality nugs.

Switch to hydroponics
If you are fed up with small yields, then you can always try switching things up to hydroponics. Growing Cannabis with an inert medium such as rockwool, coco or hydroton can be a refreshing change to working with messy and heavy soil which takes lots of moving around and cleaning up afterward.

Hydroponics systems will range from dripper systems, deep water culture, nutrient film technique, flood and drain and aeroponics. You will need to do some research before jumping straight in, and learn about system maintenance, nutrients and E.C


Producing low yielding plants can be frustrating, especially with how expensive energy bills are recently. We hope this article will steer you in the right direction and take your indoor growing game to the next level. Once you are able to achieve large yielding Cannabis plants indoors, then working on record-breaking numbers will always be an exciting challenge. Good luck keeping your curing jars full this Winter!

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