10 Top Tips for Growing Autos Indoors and Outdoors

10 Top Tips for Growing Autos Indoors and Outdoors


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Growing autoflowering Cannabis plants is one of the most practical and easy-to-do things a first-time grower can do. Thanks to the versatile nature of autos, these short-sized and highly resilient plants are able to flower regardless of the darkness period, making them applicable to indoor and outdoor use. In this article, we provide 8 top tips to consider the next time you decide to grow autoflowering Cannabis plants to help you on your way to becoming well versed in the world of autos.

Top tip #1 - Short darkness periods indoors
Autos are able to begin flowering automatically, which means that you are able to provide them with shorter darkness periods indoors. Normally, we would vegetate a plant under 18/6 and then flower under 12/12; however, you are able to flower autos under 18 hours of lights while producing excellent results. Our top tip here is to provide between 4–6 hours of darkness for the ultimate yields, resin production and overall quality.

Top tip #2 - Try fast-flowering autos

Not only are autoflowering Cannabis plants easy to grow and almost trouble free, but some autos are capable of flowering in a short time. This means that from the day the seed is planted until harvest time, you will only need between 60–80 days before being ready to harvest. Our top tip here is to try a fast-flowering auto variety both indoors and outdoors to help speed up those harvests and reduce the risk of mold, especially outside.

Top tip #3 - Perfect for the greenhouse

From springtime onward, planting autos inside the greenhouse is a great way to produce large plants and keep them well protected from the cold winds and rainfall. We love to grow in greenhouses in Holland, and there is nothing better suited for them than autos. Our top tip here is to plant inside your greenhouse from April until late September, and during the colder nights, try adding a heater to keep the temperatures at a comfortable level.

Top tip #4 - Grow as many as possible
We like to think you can never plant too many seeds, especially when it comes to autoflowering Cannabis plants! One of the best ways to get the most out of your growing space is to plant as many as possible. Not only will this result in a better yield, but you will also get the opportunity to see how other autoflowering hybrids grow alongside one another. Our top tip here is to plant in a Sea of Green setup, allowing you to really fill out an area.

Top tip #5 - Big pots are the best for autos
One thing that we have learned over the years growing all types of autoflowering Cannabis plants is that they love a big pot to grow in. We recommend using at least a 20-liter pot, and during the peak Summer months, working with a 50 liter pot will work incredibly well. Our top tip here is to use a fabric pot that has air pruning capabilities. Oxygen is a key component when it comes to a healthy, prolific and well-established root zone.

Top tip #6 - Don’t bother taking clones

The only real downside to autoflowering Cannabis plants is that you are not able to take clones. The reason is that autos are genetically programmed to begin flowering around day 28 of their lifecycle. Our top tip here is to only take clones of photoperiod strains that can then be kept in a vegetative state under 18/6 once the clones have rooted.

Top tip #7 - Avoid transplanting
One thing that autos do not like is being transplanted into a larger pot once they are growing. In the same way we promote using large pots or containers for autos, we strongly recommend avoiding transplanting. Our top tip here is to simply germinate your seeds directly in a large pot and allow the plants to make that their home until they are ready to be harvested.

Top tip #8 - Flowering nutrients after week 3
During the first 3–4 weeks of an autoflowering Cannabis plant’s life, it will be working on growing a large mass of roots, which will determine how big and productive the autos will become. It is around days 28–35 when you will notice the first pre-flowers forming as well as the initial stretch taking place, where the plants will reach their final height. Our top tip here is to use a flowering liquid nutrient once you are in week 4 to get the best yields possible.

Top tip #9 - Easy to hide plants

One of the reasons why autoflowering Cannabis plants are so popular amongst growers in Europe is due to the fact that they remain small, making them easy to hide. Some autos are well suited for a private back garden, green house, sunny terrace or balcony. Our top tip here is to grow autos outdoors alongside other plants to help keep them camouflaged.

Top tip #10 - Peak outdoor times
Growers who live in Northern Europe will experience mostly wet and cold Winters and a short Summer season. On the other hand, those who are fortunate enough to live in the South of Europe will experience blistering hot days and long seasons. Our top tip here is to plant between May and September if living in the North, and for those living in the South, you can easily get away with planting all year long outdoors, with back-to-back harvests every 75–100 days.

Autos are a great way to learn about how Cannabis plants grow and are always an excellent stepping stone for a beginner grower excited to grow outdoors for the first time. You cannot really go wrong when using good autoflowering genetics, and when grown indoors, the quality produced is amazing. Have a go at planting a few autos alongside your photoperiod plants, and why not grow as many different autos as possible? On the basis that you use large pots and provide them with plenty of light and nutrients, autos are extremely easy to grow and are becoming increasingly popular the more people see them! Good luck mastering autos and learning which ones work best for you and your climate.

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